Our Offerings

Pashminas –Our range of pashminas sourced from the foot of the Himalayas bring to you a unique combination of Quality and Value.Each of our pashminas are hand stitched to perfection and depending on the intricacy of the design, can take up to 2 weeks to produce, from the delicate fingers of our highly skilled artisans.

Our pashminas are noted for their softness, smoothness, warmth and texture.

Our pashminas constitute 60-70% Pashm (Cashmere) with the balance (30 – 40%) being either silk or wool or both, to bring about a level of “gentle firmness” to the product, making it very comfortable to wear.

Our pricing is transparent and is based on the following rules –

  • The more pashm/cashmere , the higher the price
  • The more the intricacy in design, the higher the price

We are proud to be able to offer our pashminas to you at a price that is indeed very competitive. This is primarily because of the lack of middlemen between us and our pashm suppliers and the artisans who weave our pashminas.

Our pashminas boast of unique designs, vibrant colours and superior quality that can be worn on all occasions – be it formal or casual. It is for this reason that our unique pashminas are truly your Style Statement.

Silk Scarves and Stoles –Silk Scarves and stoles are becoming very popular in the global fashion arena and we, at Pashmina International, have sourced some extra ordinary collections of pure silk scarves and stoles from Varanasi in India. We also have a large collection of Tussar Silk products.Each of our silk products are examples of gorgeousness and beauty, blended into some amazing hand stitched designs.

A silk scarf or stole is yet another proud possession that blends in well with both formal and casual clothing, thus breaking the monotony of typical dress codes.

Our silk scarves and stoles is yet another redefining moment of your Style Statement.

Pashm Wool Scarves and Stoles –At Pashmina International, we pride ourselves to bring to you a unique blend of Pashm (Cashmere) and designer wool, mixed together to produce a soft and bouncy texture of Pashm Wool Scarves and Stoles.The concentration of pashm (Cashmere) in these products are typically moderate, 40 – 50% Pashm (Cashmere) and the balance of designer (marino) wool. This gives you soft comfort of a light weight material, intricately designed with some amazing traditional and modern weaving, all hand stitched/weaved by the traditional Indian Charka (or manual spinning wheel)

This product also comes from the family of our Pashmina artisans and are priced lower than pashminas due to a relatively lower percentage of Pashm (Cashmere) in them.

It is interesting to note that the demand for this type of Scarves and Stoles are higher than pashminas globally, as they bind together style, elegance and vibrant colours, that is unique in its own way and is your very own Style Statement.

All prices quoted are in Australian Dollars ( AUD $).
We are currently helping in Event Management and Letting out (on Hire) some key equipment required for most events.
Please email us at sales@pashminaintl.com.au for pricing and for Terms and Conditions