About Us

Pashmina International is a family-owned business, based out of Melbourne, Australia. We are passionate about nature and the opportunity that exists to help our modern era get in touch with the several gifts that nature has to offer.

Having travelled extensively to various parts of Nepal and India over many years, we have been amazed at the skill and dexterity that exists within the fingers of the fine artisans in the hilly terrains, who can weave the most beautiful pashminas, scarves and stoles out of natural produce.

With most first world countries being machine driven, we thought of attempting to introduce some of these natural products into the western world, and help prove that beauty is at its best when highly skilled artisans can work off something gifted to us by nature – such as, Pashm (wool used for pashminas) and silk.

about usPashminas and silk stoles have an extraordinary global demand as they go extremely well in both formal and not so formal occasions, thus making them a highly sought after wardrobe addition.

We also appreciate that there is a high demand for pashminas and silk wear in western countries, but travelling to some of these places can be hard or impractical.

We have therefore taken it upon us to go and find some of the best offerings of pashminas and silk stoles and bring it to your doorsteps, to help you define your Style Statement

Being Australian citizens, we are proud of our customer service through the values of integrity, goodwill and honesty that we can extend to our esteemed customers and make them feel safe and secure when buying our products from our web portal.

We denounce Child Labour, inhumanity and Cruelty to Animals. Each Pashmina/Stole that you buy goes a long way in helping the not so privileged children of Nepal and India go to school and helps create an environmentally friendly surrounding for wildlife in these areas. The Pashm wool that we use to create our beautiful pashminas is from free range Pashmina Goats.

We look forward to your valued patronage!

about us

All prices quoted are in Australian Dollars ( AUD $).
We are currently helping in Event Management and Letting out (on Hire) some key equipment required for most events.
Please email us at sales@pashminaintl.com.au for pricing and for Terms and Conditions