Frequently Asked Questions

Pashmina International is all about customer service. We appreciate that our customers often have a lot of questions that they need an answer for ASAP. With this in mind, we have created a list of commonly asked questions that you might find useful.

If your particular query still remains unanswered, please drop us an email

Where does Pashmina International operate from?

Answer –

Pashmina International is a fully Australian owned family business and operates out of Melbourne. The owners of Pashmina International are well connected to the garments and fashion industries of India and Nepal. Thanks to these contacts and business relationship, we can bring to you stunning products and design, without you having to physically travel to these countries.

Are your Pashminas real? Are these products of good quality?

Answer –

Pashmina International takes pride in its integrity and honesty and its passion for Quality. We stock three ranges of woollen/pashm/silk products –

  • Pashminas
  • Woollen (Pashm) scarves and stoles
  • Silk Scarves/Stoles

Our aim has been to introduce affordable products that have a good balance of Cashmere and a blend of silk and/or cotton in it. As a result, you reap the benefits of the softness and warmth of Cashmere whilst enjoying the style and colours of wool/cotton/silk blends.

When choosing your product from our website, you will clearly see what you are buying (from the three product lines listed above).

Prices of products are in line with what you are purchasing.

All our woollen products are hand stitched and made with Cashmere. It is dependent on the quantity of Cashmere used within each product that determines its price. The more the Cashmere is, the higher the price.

Quality is something that we stand by! Each of our products undergoes a series of checks and quality tests before they get to you.

Can I purchase two pashminas /stoles/scarves that are identical?

Answer –

Our products are hand stitched. As a result, each product is unique and is perhaps not replicable. We have a range of products that can appear to look the same, in colour and in design….but a closer look will reveal each of their uniqueness.

You can therefore choose two pashminas that might look the same, but they won’t perhaps be identical.

Are your silk stoles and scarves real?

Answer –

We source our silk from silk farms and purchase the silk after stringent quality tests. Yes, our silk stoles/scarves are made from pure silk.

I chose a particular colour from your website, but when I got the product it is not exactly what I thought I had bought?

Answer –

We use professional digital SLR cameras to photo shoot our pashminas. As with any photo, the resolution/colour might marginally differ from the real product, but the difference is not particularly substantial.

If you do not believe that the colour that you thought you chose is not what you have been sent, please feel free to ask for a refund. Please note that all Refunds and Exchanges are subject to our Terms and Conditions

I have a query re my product pre/post purchase. Who do I contact?

Answer –

Please feel free to contact us any time. Our preferred mode of communication is by email

What are your Returns/Refunds/Shipping Policies?

Answer –

Please refer to our Policies under Terms and Conditions or specifically under Our Policies banner within this website. (Please link to respective pages)

All prices quoted are in Australian Dollars ( AUD $).
We are currently helping in Event Management and Letting out (on Hire) some key equipment required for most events.
Please email us at sales@pashminaintl.com.au for pricing and for Terms and Conditions